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We have gathered a list of meeting spaces for our members to be hosting events! Know something that isn’t there? Email info@skchs.org to update our list.

  • SeaTac Community Center – The community center will often comp. it if it’s for a non-profit but there is generally a facility use fee.
  • SeaTac City Hall – There must be a staff member present in order to host workshops at that venue.
  • Highline Schools – Depending on the day/time, schools can be used sometimes. Some may require a fee contract.
  • Matt Griffin YMCA – Has a small space, approximately 10-15. Depending on the day/type of event, they might be willing to hold the event in their gym.
  • Renton Housing Authority– All the buildings will have community rooms and typically can hold 40+ people.
  • Renton Technical College – A lot of meeting spaces available but the purpose of the meeting must be, in some measure, related to their mission.
  • Compass Center (Compass Housing Alliance)- Meeting rooms for approximately 25-30 people max.
  • YouthSource – Located in Renton, there is a room  that holds 20-25 people and is available for meetings that are related to employment or youth.
  • The Salvation Army – Holds approximately 40 people. Low Costs.