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Monthly Meetings

SKCHS Monthly Meetings are a great way to learn about important issues facing South King County and to network with other leaders in the health, housing and human services communities. Meetings take place on the fourth Tuesday of the following months from 12:00-1:30pm at the Kent Memorial Park Building 850 Central Ave N, Kent, WA 98032.  Come on by and check us out!

View a full calendar of gatherings and events here.

2018 Gatherings

– January 23rd @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – VSHSL Healthy Living
– February 27th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – VSHSL Social Engagement
– March 27th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm
– April 24th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm
– May 22nd @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm
– June 26th – LUNCHEON
– July – 
No Gathering
– August  -No Gathering
– September 25th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm
– October 23rd @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm   
– November 27th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm
– December – No gathering

2017 Gatherings

– January 24th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm SKC Advocacy Landscape
– February 28th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm King County Veteran and Human Services Levy Renewal
– March 28th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – Wa Immigrant Solidarity Network
– April 25th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – SKC Equity Movements
– May 23th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – SKC Funder Messaging
– June 27th – LUNCHEON
– July – 
No Gathering
– August  -No Gathering
– September 26th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy Renewal
– October 24th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm   – VSHSL: Housing Stability
– November 28th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm – VSHSL: Economic Stability
– December –
No gathering


2016 Gatherings

-January 25th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: Data Sources in King County
-February 25th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: UWKC in South King County 
-March 22nd @
12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: King County Alliance for Human Services
-April 26th  @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: Funding Questions and Answers in SKC
-May 24th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: Funders Forum
-August 23rd @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: SKC Regional Access Points and Coordinated entry for all
-September 27th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: SKC Voter Engagement 
-October 25th @
12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: SKCHS Committees

2015 Gatherings

-January 27th @ 12:00pm -1:30 pm Topic: Council Annual Update; Federal Way & the Food Innovation District

-February 24th @ 12:00 pm -1:30pm Topic: CBOs and City Collaborations; Global to Local City Connectors presentation

-March 24th @ 12:00 pm-1:30pm Topic: School and CBOs Collaborations

-April 28th @12:00pm -1:30pm Topic: Funders Forum – Funding Trends and Landscape in SKC

-May 26th @ 12:00pm-1:30pm Topic: Business/Human Services/Housing

-June 23rd @ 11:30am-1:30pm ANNUAL LUNCHEON

-July 28th @ 12:00pm-1:30pm Topic: Human Services Collaborations

-August 25th @ 12:00pm – 1:30pm Topic: Health, Mental Health, and Housing in SKC

-September 22nd @ 12:00pm – 1:30 pm Topic: Lessons of Collaborations

-October 27th @ 12:00pm – 1:30pm Topic: What would make SKC Stronger? Network Mapping

-November 24th @ 12:00 pm -1:30pm Topic: Faith-Based Collaborations

-December – No Meeting, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


2014 Gatherings 

January 28th 12:00-2pm Topic: King County Transformation and Meet and Greet with Adrienne Quinn
February 25th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: SKC Partnerships
March 25th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Funding Trends and Landscape in SKC
April 22nd 12:00-1:30pm Topic: SKC Districts Report
-May 27th 
12:00-1:30pm Topic: Intersecting Identities and Human Services
-June 24th
11:30-1:30pm: Annual Luncheon
-September 23rd 12:00-1:30pm
-October 28th 12:00-1:30pm
-November 25th 12:00-1:30pm
-December: No Gathering

2013 Gatherings

January 26th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: State and County Legislative Outlook
February 26th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Accessible Economic and Mobility for Immigrant and Refugee Communities
March 26th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Funders Forum
April 23rd 12:00-1:30pm Topic: King County Social Justice and Equity Report
May 28th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Racial Equity and Human Services in South King County
September 24th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: SKC In-Person Assiste’rs (Healthcare Enrollment)
More information regarding King County’s “Get Covered” Initiative here.
October 22nd 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Volunteerism in SKC
November 26th 12:00-1:30pm Topic: Advocacy in SKC
December:  No Gathering