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SKCHS:  Keeping the SKC Safety Net Strong

South King County is a great place to work, play and live. We are known for our diversity and values, for our close-knit neighborhoods, our wide open spaces, our small towns and our modern suburbs. However, many of our friends and neighbors struggle to meet their basic needs.

For over 25 years, SKCHS has worked to ensure that the people of South King County continue to have access to the basic building blocks of a strong society: health care, housing and human services. Helping our neighbors who struggle to pay rent and put food on the table is one of our goals in South King County.

SKCHS Mission & Vision

OUR VISION: At SKCHS, we envision a South King County where our diverse communities are socially cohesive and equitable with strong resources.

OUR MISSION: Create a human services system in South King County that is inclusive, integrated and easy to access, respectful of cultural and linguistic differences, and that fosters social support.


  • The strengths and vibrancy of our diverse communities should be known, celebrated and appropriately addressed in our continuum of human services.
  • Human Services are based on building assets and strengths in individuals and families.


  • Advocating for strong communities that incorporate cultural knowledge into policy making, infrastructure and practice;
  • Providing opportunities for mutual support, information exchange and community education;
  • Promoting collaboration and cooperation among organizations and individuals in planning and providing services;
  • Identifying and supporting leaders from diverse communities for inclusion at all levels of institutions.