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SKCHS Ballot Measure Endorsement Procedure

Criteria for support:

SKCHS will consider the following types of ballot measures:

• A local or county measure that provides funding to support a system of health and human services in South King County.

• A local or county measure that improves the ability of low-moderate income households to obtain access to health and human services in South King County.

• A measure that is statewide or federal, if it has the above types of local impacts.

SKCHS may take a position opposing ballot measures that negatively impact the system of health and human services in South King County.

Process for endorsement:

1. Materials describing the initiative should be sent in advance to the board.

2. The board or, if time is critical, the executive committee will screen the issue and decide whether to pursue consideration.

3. The board may invite a representative of the ballot measure to make a presentation to board or full membership.

4. The board will normally engage the membership in a discussion of the measure prior to taking a position, but may take a position without this if urgent.

5. The board will separately (not in the presence of the ballot measure advocate) discuss and

determine whether to endorse the initiative.

Levels of endorsement:

1. SKCHS may endorse a ballot measure and agree to have its name listed as an endorser, with no further assistance offered.

2. SKCHS may endorse a ballot measure and inform and encourage its members to also endorse it and provide assistance to the campaign.

3. SKCHS may endorse a ballot measure and directly assist the campaign such as gather signatures, participate on campaign committee, help with public education, and encourage members to provide grassroots advocacy support.

This protocol is for internal use to describe SKCHS’s process and is not intended as a hand-out to ballot measure proponents.