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Award Winners

2017 Kendrick Glover Human Services – Individual
2017 Colectiva Legal del Pueblo Human Services -Organization
2017 Ubuntu Street Cafe Human Services -Business Innovation
2016 Amina Ahmed Human Services – Individual
2016 SKC Food Coalition Human Services -Organization
2016 Desk + Human Services -Business
2015   Jim Blanchard Human Services – Individual
2015  Global to Local Human Services -Organization
2015  Kona Kai Coffee Human Services -Business
2014 Hamdi Abdulle Human Services – Individual
2014 Para Los Niños Human Services -Organization
2014 New Lookz Salon and Spa Human Services -Business
2013 Sili Savusa Human Services -Individual
2013 U.T.O.P.I.A-Seattle Human Services -Organization
2013 Cedarbrook Lodge Human Services -Business
2012 Harpreet Gill Kathy Keolker Leadership Award
2012 Greg Taylor Human Services – Individual
2012 Kent Arts Commission Human Services -Organization
2012 Plaza Bank Human Services -Business
2012 Bob Wroblewski President’s Award
2012 Latino Community Fund President’s Award
2012 Linda Rasmussen President’s Award
2012 Luther’s Table President’s Award
2011 Mel Ponder Kathy Keolker Leadership Award
2011 Karen Bergsvik Human Services – Individual
2011 YES – Foundation of White Center Human Services -Organization
2011 Dynamic Language Human Services -Business
2011 Kent Lutheran Church President’s Award
2011 Caren Adams President’s Award
2011 Kent Cultural Diversity Initiative Group President’s Award
2011 City Vision –Federal Way President’s Award
2011 Renton Area Nonprofits Unite President’s Award
2010 Highline Schools Human Services – Organization
2010 Colleen Brandt-Schluter Human Services – Individual
2010 Rep. Tina Orwall Kathy Keolker Leadership Award
2010 Synergy Construction Human Services – Business
2009 Michael Stanley Human Services -Individual
2009 Renton Chamber of Commerce Human Services – Business
2009 Shared Bread Emergency Assistant Program, Kent United Methodist Church Human Services – Organization
2009 Jason Johnson Kathy Keolker Leadership Award
2008 Stephen S. Tellari Human Services – Individual
2008 REI Human Services – Business
2008 Beth Farmer Kathy Keolker Leadership Award


2014 Luncheon

2013 Luncheon

2012 Luncheon

2011 Luncheon

Seattle Foundation President & CEO Norman Rice’s comment “…get off I-5 and see more of south county!  left audience invigorated and inspired to work collaboratively on the years luncheon theme  “South King County – Where Do We Go from Here?” (Full text of the speech available here.)

2010-2011 Annual Report

2010 Luncheon

As Executive Director of the King County Housing Authority, keynote speaker Stephen Norman has a unique, big-picture perspective on South King County. (Full text of the speech available here.) His remarks illustrated how growth in our region is going to keep the pressure on our human services system, and that creating a common vision for South King County is critical if we are to meet the challenges before us. Possibilities for this vision include:

(1) A better distribution of housing options, quality schools, and workforce opportunities
(2) Vibrant, economically diverse suburban city cores along transit corridors
(3) Creation of a sense of place in our communities
(4) An integrated human services system

2009 Luncheon

Reverend Brian Kirby Unti of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Renton as the Keynote speaker addressed the attendees with the a message of commitment to serve community.

2008 Luncheon

Keynote speaker Stephen Bezruchka a senior lecturer at the  Department of Health Services

UW School of Public Health shared his experience as an ER doctor and seeking the bigger picture, going beyond putting bandages on problems that will return if not dealt with holistically.  Full text of speech will soon be posted.